Friday, July 16, 2010

God is the Great Teacher

WOE.... How He loves us....

Today I took a half day at work and the plan was to take my oldest daughter Abby to a movie (Toy Story 3). This week we have been a little tight on money but I was able to come across 20 bucks and I really wanted to take Abby to see this movie. So off we went and when we got the parking lot I noticed that there was this older lady in a SUV in front of me trying to park her vehicle. When she pulled into her spot she pulled too close to the vehicle next to her so she needed to back out and re-park. I wish I could tell you that I waited patiently for her but sadly I don't have very many patients for people are "bad parkers" I am not sure why but I always seem to be in hurry.... Funny how Jesus was never in hurry instead He would come across someone's path right on time... I can not recall anywhere in the Bible where the words read "Jesus was hurrying" In fact I am now reminded of the times that He ministered to others on His way to minister to someone who was dead. (I guess I thought well, she isn't gonna get any deader...) Please teach me this lesson Jesus...

Anyway, I shot around her and parked our van on my FIRST TRY. After all I am a professional parker. Then I got Abby out of the vehicle and started to walk toward the movie theater and I noticed that this same lady was kinda half staring and half waiting for us to walk by. I thought "She must be angry and want to give me a piece of her mind..."

Instead, she was trying to get her keys which she had dropped on the ground and bounced under her vehicle. I asked her if she wanted me to get them for her and she was so relieved... So I grabbed the keys and muttered something witty like "some times the keys seem to bounce in the worst spots". Then this lady started to walk with us into the movies. She asked Abby what movie we were there to see. "Toy Story 3, I LOVE TOYS", Abby exclaimed!!! Then she told us that she was there to see Despicable Me.

And this lady keep getting in front of me and again I was getting annoyed... I was thinking "it is one thing to be a bad parker and take forever with your SUV but come one lady I am in a hurry". I just kept laughing and kidding with Abby... Then I over this lady order her ticket and another ticket... I thought to myself that's strange she said she was there to see Despicable me? Why is she ordering a ticket for Toy 3? Of course I am sure now you realize that she decided to pay for my ticket... God, is so good to us... I mean here I am being a jerk in my head and thinking that this lady is in my way... then she shows God's mercy and grace to me... God then there reminded me of Jeremiah 2:13.
"Come and drink this water... Come and drink this water... Come and drink this water... Which you couldn't afford!!!!" (I Dreamed There was a Fountain by John Mark McMillan)
"God help me to rely on Your living Water and not find my source of water... My sources are broken and are not able to satisfy the way you do... Thank you Jesus!!! "

PS. If you haven't heard John Mark McMillan's new CD called "Medicine" please visit this link and give it a listen!!! Really good worship music... Also he is apart of project called "I dreamed there was a fountain" (title track) which is really good listening!!!!