Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I know it is just a Home run Derby...

Last night, I was watching to home run derby and more importantly as a life long Yankee fan I was watching Robinson Cano (NY Yankees second basemen). Let me give you a little background on how this derby works. There are 8 different batters 4 from each league (Nation and American league). As a batter you allowed to pick the person to throw pitches for you to hit.

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I was extremely touched last night to watch Robinson Cano pick his father to throw "batting practice" and Mr. Cano was all business last night. He didn't even crack a smile last night during the competition. Once, Robinson won the home run derby (walkoff style) I teared up while watching Robinson jumping in his father's arms.

I was thinking about all the times that my dad coached my little league teams. I played little league baseball for close to 8 years and every season my dad was the coach. I remember trying to always impress my dad. I wasn't very good though! That never mattered to my dad, whether we won or lost it never seemed to matter very much. Actually, the only think that really mattered to him was if we tried our best and if the Umpire didn't stink. My dad got thrown out of his fair share of games... I remember one time he was talking to an umpire and kept offering the ump his glasses. Yeah, the argument didn't last long for my dad that day.

Last night I was also thinking how great it is going to be playing ball with my son!!! I just need to patient...

Monday, July 11, 2011

A True Leader and an Amazing Wife!

Last night I had the pleasure to watch the love of my life care for my 2 precious daughters plus carry my expected baby boy (8 months along) and she was the first woman to preach at Transforming Life Church.

I know that I am bias and I am suppose to gush over her and all she does... But please just indulge me for a minute.

Last night, I witnessed a woman who I have known for 10 years know deliver God's word with conviction, power, honestly and clarity. I watched her talk about our life, marriage, some of our failures (most of which were my fault) and our successes.

Rebecca's sermon was titled "Following GPS (God's Plan and Strategy) For Your Life". She didn't have 7 godly steps, or 5 faith points or anything like that. Instead Rebecca, made the sermon about life and how simple it really is to follow God.

It comes down to a choice either we follow God (with Faith and Patience) or we don't! When we don't well that is like running a red lights the first couple of times you maybe able to get through the intersection without something happening but eventually the law of averages will come into play and you're going to run over by a Mack truck.

Once we get hit by the truck will really show our character though: 1. We accept that we caused this accident or 2. we blame God, or the truck driver or anything but ourselves.

Far to often this is what we has human beings do. Nobody, likes to admit that they are to blame. However, if we can and then submit our lives to God again... (In words of my wife) God's GPS will say "Re-calculating!" You will find yourself on the right track again!

Well, thanks for allowing to gush about my AWESOME, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS WIFE! I love you Sweetheart!