Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Blue Bird v. Jeremiah 29:11-14

"I’m just a bird with a melody to sing
I’m hardly heard look at these tiny little wings.
But I can see an arrow flying and I’m not afraid
I can hear the terror try to steal the night away
And I’m not afraid I’m not afraid"
~ Jason Upton.

Lately this little guy has been outside my window at work. Today I was able to get a few shots with the encouragement of a co-worker.
Some times I wish I was like this little bird....
He doesn't seem to have a care or concern in the world.
Then I started thinking about how I am actually blessed to be who God made me.
Sure this little guy's life looks to be "pretty easy" at least from window at work.
But I know that has made me the way I am. He has plan and place for me.
God's plan is to bless me and not for harm. So in actuality I am glad that I am who I am...
(That sounds little like Popeye)
However, there are days like today that
I wish I could just sit on a branch and sing (chirp) my troubles away.
Well, if you are having a bad day, please understand this. God is still there and His plan is still intact. He is still on His thrown and He still loves you!!!!
Thanks for reading
~ Justin

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Princess Party for 3

So a couple of weeks ago my oldest daughter asked my wife a question that really scared us. The question was...

Who is coming to my birthday princess party?

Well, we weren't really planing on a party for Abby (mostly because we had just traveled back to Maryland from NY for Christmas). So my wife came up with a great idea.

"How about we have Princess party when Aunt Rachel and Tante Sharon come to Maryland?"

So we did! And it was great! Here are a few of the photos from the party!

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Friday, January 8, 2010


Recently, my oldest daughter has been really into coloring and making crafts. Here is one of her recent projects. It is for me to take to my office and hang in my window. I have to say that I love her projects!!!! I love when she gets so excited to show me what her and mommy have been working on.

Also, it is a perfect way for mom and daughter to have a bond and for Abby’s mind and talent to grow!!! And as an added bonus I get to enjoy the finished product.

Also, Abby told me a story of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus,

only her story involves the Volcano in the Wii Resort.

It was cute!

Please enjoy in the photos…

Thanks for reading

~ Justin