Monday, November 21, 2016

10 Years

Dear Dad,

Ten Years? Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was saying goodbye and yet there are so many events that have happened in the past decade. Here are few things that have happened since I said goodbye that cold lonely November day in 2006.

First, I have learned to love and hate the month of November. I have met some people in the world that are like me. They have learned the pain of loss and for some reason November seems to be the month that majority of the people that I have run into have lost someone. Remarkably my brother in law Hank lost his mom on the same day you left us. I am not sure why but God seems to keep picking November over and over again.

Since you've been gone... I have had 3 children...

My oldest is Abigail: She is is ten years old... You only had a few months with her. Abby has turned into a wonderful girl. She is a splitting image of her mother. Smart, fun, and beautiful. Boys are going to be a problem for me with the teen years come. She would've loved your strong hands and warm heart. I know that she would have been your little princess because she is mine.

My second child is Madilyn: She is wonderful! She loves life, is incredibly funny, has the best laugh and smile. She loves to ask the tough questions and wants to learn so much about God. She lights up a room when she walks in. She is my "Monkey in Middle". Her personality is infectious. She makes me laugh all the time. I find myself thinking "if only Pop could have meet Madilyn." She has me wrapped around her little finger and I know that she would do the same to you.

Last but certianly not least is Jackson or "bruiser" as I call him. This little man is so smart, and fun. He loves to use his imagenation (I wonder where he gets it from: probably from your "space cadet"). I will often catch myself watching him play alone and I think I wonder if Pop got this much enjoyment from watching me when I was little? I question God all the time why He couldn't have let you stay around just a little while longer? I don't think I will ever understand why you were taken from us so early and that's okay. Somethings are just the way they are.

I wanted you know that I have taken many of the lessons that you taught me and I have passed them on to your grand kids. Speaking of grand kids... There is an amazing young man that would make you so proud.

Jonah: In 2013 He was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles... Crazy right? Jonah must make you so proud... I remember the times of you playing catch together... He is one heck of catcher.... God really blessed him. Of course he wears number 6 (for your birthday). I love watching this kid play ball. He was made for it. You would love Emma (his girlfriend) too. She is right mixture of fun and level headed. She keeps him in line... Emma is the perfect fit for Jonah....

Ashley: Is now an incredible mom herself. I know that she misses you really bad. I am sure that you are really happy to watch her with her family. You must be proud! She wrote this about you today
"So in 2006 on this day we lost a wonderful man. A man  that was funny, silly, crazy, and a happy man. My grandfather, my best friend the best man that I have ever  known. The world  has not been the same with out him he is missed every min of  every day. My kids will never get to know the man I loved  calling GRANDPA the only thing I can do is show them pictures of him and tell them about him how he was an amazing man. We love you and miss you so much."
 I saw this great picture of the two of you today. This is a perfect picture of your relationship. I know that she misses you real bad. Maybe you could reach out to her and let her know that you are     still there? I am sure she could use it...


Then there's Stephen... You must be so proud of him and his love for power tools. He has really taken a liken to fixing and building things. Not only this but he really loves his mom and wants to see the best for her. I love the way he honors the military and those who have served. He is a terrific young man! 


James: (named after you)... Funny loving kid! He really loves his family and takes care his younger brother and cousins. Also, he is a really good bowler. He must get that from grandma Schlenker?

Jordan: This little guy would have given you a run for your money. I am sure you love watching him run circles around Jamie. I love watching him and Jack play starwars and whatever they can think up. He is a great kid and I know that God is doing to do some amazing things in his life.

Of course there's the love of my life. Rebecca: I would be lost without her... She is incredible and a gift from God. I daily thank God that He put her in my life... She an amazing mother and wife.  I am not sure that I can write enough here to explain all that she means to me and this family. I do wish that you would have had more time with her but I know that Heaven is really long time.

Then there's the person who probably misses you the most. Mom! She is strong and loving. She does the best she can to shower my kids with the love you would have given. She honors you and your memory whenever she can. I know that she is looking forward to seeing you again but in the meantime think you could send one of the famous Poppa signs? She could use it. This 10 years hasn't been easy on her or the rest of us. 

 Sheba is still going strong but we had to say goodbye to Watson this past September... That was really hard. We are looking forward to the new memories that Willow brings to our family.  Few other notable events... The Cubs won the worldseries... Bills hired Rex Ryan but still haven't made the playoffs, maybe this year? If you have any pull up there please do something...

All this to say... WE REALLY MISS YOU! It is hard to believe that you have been gone for 10 years but like Rebecca said today... Tens years isn't a drop in the bucket compared to forever. See you soon Pop. Please save us a seat!