Monday, August 31, 2009

New York City!!!! (Photos)

Here are the photos. First we went to Time Square. There was 3 really good musicians playing classical music in the subway. I have been to NYC a ton of times and seen a bunch of musicians play in the subway, but I can tell you that I haven't ever heard classical music played in the subway. And they were really good.

Then we went to ground zero and got some shots.

Then back to Times Square.
Where you never know who or what you might see..

"Give my regards to Broadway"

I think this is my favorite photo...

My favorite ball player

The Great HALL

Last championship

The man who started it all!

This is Thurman Munson's Locker
the Yankees Catcher in the 70s who passed away because a plane crash.

The Nation Anthem

First pitch! DOUBLE!

Mom saying goodbye to Yankees Stadium.

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Friday, August 28, 2009


Here we come. So my mom and I are heading to the big Apple tomorrow. We are going to see some of the sights and have some wonderful Pizza. We are going to ground zero, probably to Empire State Building, Central Park, little bit of this and that...

Then on Sunday we are going to the NEW YANKEES STADIUM. For those of you who don't know me very well... I come a huge family of Yankees fans. My dad was a yankee fan from his childhood. My mom is also a BIG Yankees fan. They raised me, my sister, and brother has yankees fans. I am really excited because I have never been there. I really can't wait.

I will post pictures from the weekend. Man this is gonna be fun... (Provide Danny doesn't change course)
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~ Justin

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Happy Birthday!" ~ God

Saturday was my birthday. So I had planned on going to Susquehanna State Park for my birthday. I had heard that there are a lot of Osprey right on the river. So I wanted to get some photos... I went and after about a hour and half, I hadn't seen one wild bird (besides 5 blue herons and some ducks)... After falling on my butt twice and not really seeing anything, I was about to give up and go home and all of sudden!!! Two bald eagles started soaring... They were ducking and dodging one another. I was able to get a couple pictures off. I felt like God was saying "Happy Birthday!" And it was a happy birthday!!!! After my photo walk it rained all day.. So God gave me a window and I had fun!

I plan on going back there now that I know they are there!
Below are the photos.
Please enjoy them...

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo of the Day Blog

I have set up a Blog where I post one photo (Monday thru Friday) per day. Here is the link for the photo blog.
Feel free to visit and leave comments

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So on Thursday my in laws came down to Maryland... We went to Assateague Island and camping this past weekend and had an amazing time. (You can see the posted pictures in other blogs). It was good to see my daughters interact with their Aunts and Oma and Opa...

But I am now sitting here watching my Father & Mother in law play the Wii. I have to say it is pretty amusing and they are having fun! Who knew that video games can bring families together??? I think I could sit here a long time. I believe this is what heaven is like. Laughter, fun, quality time, and most importantly JESUS... For now LIFE is good!!!!

Enjoy the photos!

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Ps. Now I have to figure out how to beat the MASTER (Rebecca, my wife)

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Ps. Now I have to figure out how to beat the MASTER (Rebecca, my wife)

Justin = 472
Rebecca = 484

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Assateague Island

This past weekend we (& The in-laws) went to Assateague Island probably for the last time this year. So here are the photos... In no particular order. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the photos.