Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bunk Beds for All

My wife and her sisters went on a two week vacation out west. They flew to Las Vagas and then proceed to Lake Tahoe, then further north to Seattle, from there they went south onto San Diego. They finished their trip off at the Grand Canon.

While that was happening I was home taking care of the house and dogs (the girls were in New York with my mom for one week and Rebecca's mom for the second week). So I thought of an idea that would be a good idea to build the girls' bunk beds.

While, I can say that I learned a couple of things
one: bunk bed building is not a one man job.
two: the girls love their beds.
three: my life is never going to be the same!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At Home with 80,000 Strangers

“ I want to feel sunlight on my face, I see the dust cloud disappear without trace. I want to take shelter from the poison rain, where the streets have no name” (Where the Street Have No Names)

Last Wednesday, I got to the chance to go see an amazing band. Probably, my favorite band... I was among 80,000 plus screaming people. I was singing along to lines like:

"I believe in the Kingdom come, and then all the colors will bleed into one, bleed in one. But yes I’m still running. You broke the bonds and you loosed the chains, carried the cross of my shame, oh my shame. You know I believe it”
(Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For)


“See the world in green and blue, See China right in front of you, See the canyons broken by cloud, See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out, See the Bedouin fires at night,
See the oil fields at first light, And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth, After the flood all the colors came out" (Beautiful Day)

It was right about at this moment that I had a God moment. One of those times that it is undeniable that God visited with me. I felt so close to Him and felt so loved in His midst. Now, please don't miss interpret what I am saying. I don't believe that U2 had much to do with this other than they wrote the songs and were preforming them. What I am saying is this: U2 is one of the only bands or concerts that I believe that this would have happened at. For one reason or another I felt close to God during the concert and I guess I am just saying don't put God in box. You never kn0w when and where He might visit with you. Of course, I realize that God is all places and all times, but there are times that His presence is stronger or at least we realize presence more than others. Last Wednesday night was a

night like that for me. Here are a few other shots that I took during the concert.

So in short... Please don't box God in where and when He is allowed to visit with the People He loves. We don't need a building to experience the Love of God. However, we do need each other! God, loves to be where His people are gathering!