Friday, September 18, 2009

6 for the Kid.


But I am a bigger Jonah Heim fan. That is my nephew who is currently trying out for the USA Jr. Olympic baseball team. Jonah has made it to the top 120 tryouts in the United States (which is amazing to me). My nephew is 6'0 or 6'1 switching hitting catcher. Man, I could watch him play baseball all day. He doesn't get a big head or ahead of himself. Actually I am pretty sure he remembers more of failures than HRs, HITS, and his awesome ability to call and catch a game. Trust me the positives far out weigh the letdowns.

BUT, the real reason why I am a Jonah Heim fan is because of this picture.

This is his jersey for tryouts. He specifically asked for the number 6 in honor of his pop's. See that was/is my dad's birthday. I know that my dad is able to see this and it brings a smile to his face... Thanks Jonah for keeping level head and realizing what is truly important. Good luck buddy!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I was just surfing the internet and I came across this little kid... So cute!
It is a little girl whose dad caught a foul ball. Give it a view let me know...
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Monday, September 14, 2009


"The Bills make me wanna SHOUT..."

So tonight is the start to an annual time of yelling, disappointment, and maybe a few tears.
I am a
Buffalo Bills fan/sufferer .

I have gone through a lot with the Buffalo Bills through my life time from:
dropped winning touchdown passes, to wide right, and 4 straight super bowl loses, from the Music City Miracle to all the awful choices of coaches and draft picks.


But tonight is the mark of The Bills opener.

The Bills open up against the New England Pats tonight. I am pretty sure that it isn't going to be pretty. I am thinking that The Bills will lose by more than 2 touchdowns. BUT I WILL ENJOY THE WIFE'S CHIP DIP and think that my dad is smiling... He doesn't have to suffer with the Bills anymore! we go again!

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(all photos were taking from the internet)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Father to the Fatherless.

So in my last post I referred to a worship leader named Jason Upton. Let me first tell you little about this worship leader.

Jason Upton was born on December 15, 1973 and was adopted on March 13, 1974. Central to his Christian testimony are his Native American roots, which has prophetic implications of healings, namely to specific issues pertaining to American history and the current state of the church. He was originally told that his birth father was a Dakota, which is one of the tribes of the Sioux nation. He has more recently come know that his birth father was Cherokee.
taken from

So Jason's heart is for the fatherless.... Anyway that is the background of the story that is told in the link below. Jason tells his story about growing, adoption, meeting his biological family, and worshiping.
Please click this link and give it a view.
(It is a bit long but you can watch as little or as much as you want.)

This man's style of worship, praying, prophetic message has truly changed my life. His ministry to the fatherless is what God has used in my life push me towards those that need a Father. To bring my Heavenly Father to those who need Him the most. Family and I are moving forward in this area of ministry. I believe that God has given me one verse for my ministry.

"He will change parents' attitudes toward their children and children's attitudes toward their parents. If not, I will come and reclaim my land by destroying you."
~Malachi 4:6
Part of me also believes that God allowed my earthy father to be taken from me because He wanted me to show those without a father who He is... He truly loves those who don't feel very "lovable"... Jesus refers to these people as "the least of these"... So please pray that God continues to show us the least of these and His will for them!!!!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"It ain't EASY!!!! learning to love like YOU!!!"

Happy Labor day!

I have heard it refered to as "Laborless Day" because not many actually work on Labor Day...
So we (my family and I) went to a park for a little bit of fun family time. Afterwards, I watched 17 Again. NOW, believe me I am not a Zack Efron fan. But Rebecca (my wife)wanted to watch it. I admit, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... The movie did cause me to think about being a father.
I love being a dad. I love hearing "Daddy, Daddy..." when I am at home. I love seeing my youngest smile and laugh when I come home. I love being "wrestling Lions"... EVEN IF I NEVER WIN! It truely is a joy and gift that God has given me. I know that my daughters won't always be this way. As they grow, they will pull away to become independant. But I will never stop being their Father. I want to be able to lead them to TRUEST Daddy of all. Everyday they teach me more and more what is to be a Son of the Most HIGH by me learning to be a father more and more everyday. I have a song of Jason Upton linked to this blog titled "It ain't Easy"

"I am learing to be a father, but I really don't know how... To be willing to care for others, more than I love myself. Cause it ain't easy... learning to love like you." I am learning to be faithful with the little that I have. To do Jesus, turn the tables. Give it all and get nothing back... IT AIN'T EASY... LEARNING TO LOVE LIKE YOU" Teach us over, and over, over and over... Over again!

This is what I got from the movie last night. That life is about my family and not about me!

Regardless how "old" my kids become I want them to know that my heart is always open and ears are willing to listen even to the smallest of problems. I may not have the answer... BUT MY HEART IS FOR THEM!!! They are MY FAVORITE!!!!
Anyway, that was something that I learned this past weekend. My God bless you and again, thanks for reading. Below are some of the photos from the park.

My 3 year old daughter took the pictures below..
AMAZING! I have beautiful wife and very talented 3 year old...

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jorgie JUICED ONE!!!!

I went to a Yankees v. O's game last night and I took a couple of pictures. I wanted to try something new... So here it is!

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Here is AJ getting warmed up... He had a rough night!