Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Abby reminded me of someone the other day. I watched her stick out her tongue at her mom (I will stick my tongue out at Abby and Abby then sticks her tongue out at Rebecca)...
She reminds me of me...
I am realizing that I am becoming my father.

My father was the kind person who loved to laugh, cry, would get angry at times but i think he loved to tease the most.

I remember times when my dad would find me playing in my room (w/ GI JOES) and tell me that my mom wanted me right away down in the basement. Like a good little boy I would run down stairs and ask my mom what she needed....
"Nothing your father is teasing you again"
Every Thanksgiving when I would stumble down the stairs my Father would say... "You are brave... not everyone has their turkey yet..."
One Christmas Eve my father said that we were allowed to open one gift. So I choose the biggest gift under the tree. Well, he took my huge sterio box & wrapped 4 other boxs inside (each get smaller in size) until I finally got to my remote control. Then he would cave under the pressure and allow us to open the rest of our gifts (i think he liked the look on our face when would recieve what we wanted).

No matter what my dad did I always knew one thing.
.. "HE LOVED ME" He didn't always show the way I wanted... But he loved me...
So on Friday when I stood above his gravesite I was thinking...

What is Madilyn going to be like?
How am I different as a father this time around? God why did you take my dad away?

I haven't gotten many answers to these questions. Other than God told me to "Love Madilyn
(with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength) the way I was taught..." When I am not sure what to do... LOVE...

(I am certainly not ever going to do this)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worth a Thousand WORDS

Entrance to the VA Cemetery

My Brother Jamie, Mom and I at the Sabres' Game

Sheba my mom's dog...

My Nephew Stephen

"I really miss him"

Friday, November 21, 2008


(picture taken from the internet)

(picture taken from the internet)

Buffalo: Home of the Bills, Sabres, Goo Goo Dolls, Millard Filmore, Grover Cleveland, Roast Beef on Wick, Buffalo Wings, and.... ME!!! I have arrived here in Buffalo to spend some time with my family before the Thanksgiving Holiday... Tomorrow (today), my mom and I are going to my Dad's grave site. It will be two years today (it's 12:13 am when I writing this) that my dad pasted away (more on that to come)...

I love this place; it is home for me and no matter where I go in this world "THIS IS HOME!!!"... (that is a Switchfoot song which is really good... you should check it out)
In the words of Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz "there's no place like home..."
My boss always says... "Buffalo is a nice place be from..."
However I am glad to be here this weekend...
Thanks for reading and I will see ya in couple days....

Better Days- Goo Goo Dolls
This is Home- Switchfoot
Sullivan Street- Counting Crows

Faith My Eyes- Caedmon's Call

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
"I welcome the sun,
the clouds and rain, the wind that sweeps the sky clean and lets the sun shine again. this is the most magnificent life has ever been. here is heaven and earth and the brilliant sky in between."
(Blessed by Brett Dennen)

"I am learning to be a father but I really don’t know how"
(It Ain't Easy- Jason Upton)

So I realized last night as Abby, Rebecca and I were dancing at the dinner table to the song "Blessed" (referenced above). That this is little girl is just like a little sponge. She soaks up every little thing that Rebecca or I do. When I laugh she laughs.... When I stick my tongue out she does the same... When I clap or raise my hands at church she will too (at least for a little while, she does lose interest) So I have come to realization that God has given me this wonderful gift of our daughter to teach me a few things...
1. Love - Everyday... I must Love God, People, and my dog.
2. Learn- From everyone... If I look around me I will learn something.
3. Listen- To God and to people around me (He uses them in my life)

So... Abby and I are learning for one another. "Thank you Father for this great gift"...
And as for the the next one?

(thanks to Leah Drayer for the picture)

Well, we will have to wait and see...

Thanks for reading

(below in the music player is a list of songs that i have been listening to while typing this blog.)
1. It Aint Easy: By Jason Upton
2. Blessed: By Brett Dennen
3. You are the best thing: By Ray Lamontange
4. You're the world to me: By David Gray
5. Target: By Embrace
6. Aint No Mountain High Enough: Marvin Gaye
7. This is Home: By Switchfoot

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1st things first...

(Just an introduction to my blog)
I am not sure where this blog is going to take me but... Should be fun... I would like to let you readers know that I will be posting mostly about God, Music, Food, Pictures, and Friends. I hope you enjoy the posts and your comments are very much welcome...

So last night I came up with this awesome idea:

Buffalo Wings, Beer (Guinness), Good Friends and The Buffalo Bills (Monday Night Football)...

So My wife (Rebecca) went out to a ladies tea party and left me in charge of making my dinner and watching Abby (our first daughter). Now I am not the most gifted person in the kitchen but I am able to make certain things. Buffalo Wings are my

So last night I put on some music and started mixing and matching (in hindsight I wish I would have written down my recipe) I added a little bit of Frank's Hotsauce, BBQ sauce, Honey... I was loving life last night. By the time the Wings were done the Game was turned on ...

I started to miss my dad
He would have been so proud of me last night.

And he would have enjoyed the wings.

The Football well that's for another time Browns 29 v. Bills 27
(47 yard Field goal wide right).

See ya next time and thanks for reading

Here is a list of the tunes running in the background:
1. This is home - Switchfoot

Green- Brendan James
3. Good Morning- Ben Folds

4. Autumn- Paulo Nutini
5. Falling Awake- Gary Jules
6. You are the Best thing(a really fun song)- Ray Lamontange
7. Table for Two- Caedmon's Call
(I didn't write any other titles down)