Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In a New York State of Mind

   The picture above I took while riding the Staten Island Ferry.

This past Sunday I was able to take a spare of the moment trip to the city I love. New York! In my mind there isn't a better city. The real reason why I jumped at the chance to go to NYC is that my best friend (20+ years) mentioned that he was going to be in the city for a business trip. After some thought I wanted to go hang out with my bro and check out the city that I love.

I have been struggling lately with just trusting God and walking in the path that He has presented me. I have found myself asking these type of questions. "God what You doing in my life? Wondering am I making a difference? Am I on the right track? God am I following You?" Once again should Himself faithful and gave me exactly what I needed. He gave me and great day in the City with my best bro. 

The day was filled with conversation about who is the better basketball player Labron James v. Michael Jordan (naturally Michael Jordan) to the state of Christian Hip Hop and Christian music in general. We talked about loving people and not being a bitter Christian. We discussed how the greats in the faith have placed a safety plan in their life so that they don't fall into sin (i.e. Billy Graham, Tim Tebow, Judson Cornwall.) 

We discussed our parents & the shinning examples of godliness that they are to us. We discussed our wives and children and how incredibly blessed we both are. We talked about how far God has brought us and where we might end up next. The conversation was rich and full of God. I needed it desperately.The day was filled with remembering our childhood, looking forward to what the next step is and what God was doing currently... 

I remember looking at the Freedom tower and thinking to myself... I feel like that! I feel incomplete I feel like there is so much more work to do on me and I began to wonder if God moved on from finishing the work that He started in me. Then God said, "I AM... The Author and The Finisher..." Justin, you aren't a completed work because I am not finished with you..." I know that I don't look like the Freedom tower and there is MUCH more work to finish the work that He started. But I realized something even greater He is faithful to complete the good work that He started in me. Most amazing is that He doesn't frustrated with me, my lack of faith, my questioning, or lack of obedience. He is patient and forgiving, filled with grace and mercy.Those questions that I had... Wondering am I making a difference? Am I on the right track? God am I following You?  Disappeared...  Too many questions and not enough of just believing and walking with the Author and Finisher.... 

I don't have many answers but this I know... God is still there and He is still leading me. Where? I don't know but it doesn't much matter. The Father reminded me that He is aware of my every need and He hasn't brought me this far to let me down now. So thank you Jesus for the reminder of Your love and how You will never leave me nor forsake me. 

As an added bonus I got to take a bunch of pictures of New York City. Below are few of these shots.... 

Ps... Thanks to my mom for the finical support.