Friday, October 2, 2009

Impressive or Foolish... SOMETIMES BOTH

My wonderful wife purchased a New York Yankees bean bag chair for me for Father's day... But I finally recieved it about 6 weeks ago. (The company making the chairs went under and there was a big mess as to who was going to be finishing the orders and what not.)
So for the last 6 weeks my daughter has been using the chair as a landing pad. She jumps from the couch to the chair and laughs at her mom's reaction.
Well, the other night I decided to shoot some action shots. We were having a great time. Abby kept jumping, landing, bouncing up and getting ready again. I would count down 3-2-1 and she would jump... No harm right? Well, I didn't realize that the girl kept pushing the chair (landing pad) farther and farther away. Until...
Yep you guessed it... SHE MISSED!!! Abby landed just short of the "landing pad". She was ok... Abby landed on her knees more than anything else. So I picked her up and brushed the tears away and said "I think we have had enough"... At this she jumped down out of my arms and moved the chair little closer and did one final leap of faith.
Mostly, because I think she wanted to prove herself to me. Well, this got me thinking.... How many times have I tried to "show God what I can do"? And how many times have I landed on my face or knees?
It is no wonder why Jesus said "my strength is made perfect in your weakness." He loves taking the weak things and showing them as strong. I am grateful for a Father who picks me up and brushes the tears away when I am foolish... Father take my foolishness, weakness, and inability, and please make Yourself IMPRESSIVE!!!! Thank you
Also, thank you for reading

below are the pictures that i took of the event....

God help me when she wants to do these things.


Deanna October 2, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

GREAT pictures! :) She looks like she's flying!!