Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nothing Better

At work I have a photo screensaver that pops up after a couple of minutes of the computer being idle. I have a specific set of photos that I like to have as the slide show. The slide show has mostly photos that I have taken or that I am involved with. So, recently I have been noticing a lot of the photos are of me and my daughters having 'a good ole time'. Some are of us playing football, or rough housing, some are of us at the beach. I had this thought the other day!
There is not one thing better in life then being a dad.
(Little disclaimer here: I am sorry if you don't have a dad active in your life currently. )

I am really grateful that I am able to be apart of my two daughter's lives. I love watching them learn, laugh, and love. The girls and I have been spending more time together lately and I believe that I am learning as much from the girls as they are learning from me. Through them God has been showing me what takes to be a child of God. It takes faith, patience, love, and grace. I am and will be forever grateful that God blessed me and my wife with these (and more God willing) wonderful gifts! Below are the photos from the our recent family vacation.