Monday, March 23, 2009

Here are some projects that I have been working on...

First is a video that I put together for my church.

Here are some photos...
We took the youth group bowling on Saturday Night...

We had a great time although I stunk it up bowling wise...

Finally here is a cute story for those of you who are following March Madiness.

This morning I was up before Rebecca and Abby (which almost never happens) and I was watching a sports talk show (Mike & Mike in Morning). As I was watching Abby came in the room and sat down next to me. The two guys on the show were talking about Cinderella teams (a team who is lowly ranked or not considered to win.) for the tournament. The conversation went on for about 10-15 minutes and they must have said "cinderella" about 10 times. Finally Abby turned to me and said
"Um Dad, those guys are talking about cinderella?", "yes Abby they are. " I said "Um Why?" , she asked
"They are talking about Basketball"

All I could think was that she must of thought that cinderella plays basketball?

I tried my best to explain it to her. But I don't think it got through to her... Oh well, I hope everyone has a nice day! and if you see cinderella playing basketball somewhere, someone please tell me if she plays in the glass slippers...

Thanks for reading
~ Justin


Nancy March 23, 2009 at 2:35 PM  

She always amazes me, and that was laugh out loud funny. But I am partial, what can I say. I guess I won't tell her what basketball players are to me.