Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hiking or Hunting????

So yesterday here in Maryland it was 50s + and very sunny.. So i took off from work about 2 hours early and went home to get my dog (Watson). I thought it would be a nice day for hiking and I heard about this remote place around my house and i wanted to try it out. So we jumped in the car and off we went. We arrived at this little service road and so i parked my car and we started walking with very little promise... What I saw in front of me was an over pass and lots of mud...

But as we came out the other side of the other place these two very pretty and quite ponds opened up right in front of us. So we started walking!

There are tons of wild birds here. I thought to myself "Great I can get some neat shots." I was wrong because I let Watson off the leash and off he went. Running here and there and everywhere (never out my voice range or eye sight). For those of you who don't Watson very well. He is the best dog in the world cause he doesn't like to get wet. He is part German shepherd and Alaskan Malamute (or the sled dogs).


Flying away because the dumb geese that followed us everywhere

Although at one point he almost got us Canadian Geese dinner. He took off around a bend and I heard a horrible noise. The next thing I know 2 geese are flying and honking very loudly and landed into the river. So I thought to myself no big deal Watson won't go after them into the water. Only problem was that Watson could see the bottom of river bed and went running after the birds. Luckly the birds flew away and we carried on with the rest of the day...

We started walking around the pond. Only problem was that the Geese followed us around the pond yelling at Watson the whole time. So all the other birds kept their distance for us... it was a nice day anyway! just next time i want to get some cool pictures I won't bring Watson!

Please enjoy the photos

this is taken from Google image... the red line is what I think we walked yesterday

Thanks for reading