Monday, February 8, 2010

The Good Thing About Imaginary Friends Is....

Here in the Baltimore/DC area we got hit with a major snow storm. It started snowing Friday night around 5 and didn't stop until Saturday around 5. At some points in the night it was snowing about 3 inches an hour and there was thunder and lighting accompanying the snow. I have never heard of a thunder snow storm. But WE got one in the early morning hours on Saturday. Well, my oldest daughter loves snow. She loves to make snowmen, and "dig for buried treasure". The problem is that when it looks like this outside....
it isn't very much fun for a four year old. She can't really walk in the snow drifts that are above her head. So we came inside....
The good thing about an imaginary friend is that even in bad weather they can come over for a visit. My daughter Abby has a "friend" named Martha. Martha is four and even has a boyfriend named Nick. (I am sure that Nick is named after my sister in law Rachel's Boyfriend). Martha also has a dog name Lala who comes and plays with Abby's dog Coco and usually they come to play every day. Well yesterday, Abby decided that it was Martha's birthday.
My wife and Abby made Martha's cake.-Strawberry with Chocolate icing! (from scratch ;)

It was so good!!!! Well, we had a nice time together has a family and imaginary friends.
(Just so you know - Abby knows that Martha is just pretend. I asked "Is Martha going to blow out the candles?" Abby response... "Um, no, remember she is just pretend". )
We still sang happy birthday and Abby blew out the candles!!! Below are some of the other photos that i took over the weekend. Please enjoy them...

These were my "artsy" photos before the snow got really bad...

These two loved it out there... Until the snow got above their heads!!!

You know you have gotten too much snow
when even this one doesn't want to go outside anymore.

I think Abby and Martha did some dancing!
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Anonymous February 8, 2010 at 1:01 PM  

Very nice, and missing you guy's more than ever!!!

Valerie February 10, 2010 at 7:58 PM  

Yep - with that much snow it is best to stay inside for a while - if possible, 'specially with your little ones.

I love the ?weed? with the snowflake centered on top. I tried taking some macro shots of snowflakes a few weeks back. It was really a challenge. But your's is a very neat shot.

Stay safe and warm!