Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It is ten at night...

Do you know where your husband is? Last night around 10 pm here in Maryland we had some snow.... My oldest daughter Abby loves when it snows here, but it was too late for her to go play in the snow last night. So I took the dogs for a quick romp through the snow. Then I made a snowman for Abby to see when she woke up in the morning...

My idea was that I wouldn't be able to play with Abby in the snow today, so I would make a snowman for her instead. It worked perfect!!! This morning I woke up to this...

"Mom, Mom...." "There is a snowman outside my window!!!"
"How do you think it got there?" Rebecca asked
"Um, I don't know..."
"Well, who do you know that makes a great snowman?"
"DADDY!!!!" "Thank you daddy!"

So my idea worked wonderfully and here are the photos to enjoy!

This last picture was taken at work today. I just love it!
Thanks for reading