Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

When I was a kid I used to go to a couple of parks with my dad. There was one park that was special to my dad. You see, in this park was/is a F9F-6P Cougar Aircraft. I used to love going there mostly because I got to play on a jet. Which, let's face it, it is basically every little boys dream. It was special to my dad because my dad would always say "This is OUR aircraft. This is OUR park. We have to take care of it and make sure it is safe." I never really understood back then what He was referring to.
My dad was in the Navy for 10 years. He always looked at that experience with a sense of honor and pride. I remember seeing tears come to his eyes when he would talk about his "family" (other service brothers & sisters).
Well, this past August that very park was restored and dedicated to honor the members of the NAVY who have fallen in battle. Below are some photos from that service. (The pictures are provided by my mom...)

In addition to the post about this park, I have decided that since today is Veteran's day I would take a moment to express my thanks to any and all veterans. Thank you for you service and dedication. Your sacrifice has provided me and all other Americans with a freedom that we very often take for granted. The price that you and your family have paid may never truly be understood. However from the bottom of my heart today I say "Thank you for a job well done." May God bless you and keep you safe. Below are some photos of the veterans in my life. Please enjoy and more importantly, if you see a veteran today please hug them and say "THANK YOU!".

To my cousin Stephen Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication to this nation as a Marine.

To my friend Noah P. Thank you for your service and dedication to this nation. May God bless you and your wife richly!

To My Uncle Richard. Thank you for your service in the Marines

Thank you Opa for your years of service and dedication. This nation and more importantly your family owes you a debt of gratitude.

Thank you to my brother Jamie and his family. Thank you for all you have done and your support. May God bless you richly today.

To Uncle Mike... Thank you for all you have given to this nation. To my mom thank you for raising us children while Dad was away in the service. You both have done a wonderful job.

To my dad: I have no words, but Thank you and I miss you!

This is my Grandpa Heim. He served in Italy during WWII. Thank you grandpa... We miss you!

To my grandpa Schlenker served in the Army during WWII .
"Thank you Grandpa and Grandma and we miss you"

Thank you for reading


Mom November 11, 2009 at 3:27 PM  

Thank you Justin for always having perfect timing. The words you wrote are forever true. Veterans would be proud.!

Jennifer November 11, 2009 at 10:54 PM  

And this is why I'm proud to be your sister Dad and our grandfathers would be and are proud of you

Anonymous November 12, 2009 at 11:08 AM  

You brought me to tears Justin. Thanks for bringing Veteran's Day from just a day to a day in the lives of real people.