Friday, February 6, 2009

Recap of Rounds 2 & 3????

Round 2: "Abby has a standing 8 count"

I was attempting to get Madilyn to fall asleep and some time around 1 am I hear the wonderfully sweet voice of Abby cry out "Mommy!, Mommy!!, Mommy!!!" By the third mommy I was able to put Madi down make into Abby's room (I didn't want Becca to wake up). She had to go potty! So off we went and back into bed. Then I knew what was coming...
Abby started to say "My head hurts... My tummy hurts" So I prayed for her head and said that I could get her some water.. She refused and went back to bed... That was about I can recall from 2 nights ago!

Round 3: "Daddy gets knocked down"

So last night I was extremely tired and I went to bed early (for me that is 11 pm). Becca stayed up to get Madilyn to sleep... Some time around 3:30 am Rebecca came up stairs to wake me up and explained the situation.. Rebecca had been down there to help Abby do the usual. And upon coming back to bed Abby told mommy "there's rumbley in my tummy!!!" So Rebecca thought quickly and said "I will send Daddy down to talk to you!"
So as I am getting out of bed I say "So you have set a trap for me?"
"Daddy makes the rules!" Rebecca replied and back to sleep she went.
So I went down stairs and I hear these words come out of my daughter's mouth!

"I am starving!" and I replied you aren't starving...
normally my reply to that statement is "Kids in Africa are starving, you are hungry"
But Abby interrupted me and said "I am very, very hungry"
So after bartering with my three old... I said you can only have one thing... Milk or graham cracker! (It was right about here that i heard the ref getting to 5, 6, 7...)
I got her some hot milk and everyone back to sleep!!!

I think Abby took round 3!!!
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Anonymous February 7, 2009 at 1:22 AM  

Hahahaha! I love this...not the fact you both are losing sleep, but Abby is just so darn adorable. :)

-Tante Sharon

Nancy February 7, 2009 at 5:46 PM  

Seeing as I am such a pushover anyhow, Abby and I will probably enjoy a 4 course meal around 3:00 am. I am in so much trouble!!

Love Mom