Friday, May 1, 2009

Reading before bed time...

Every night I have the great pleasure of watching Rebecca and Abby have their reading time before bed. Usually the night goes like this...

Abby crawls into her bed and Rebecca sits in the tiny chair next to Abby's bed. They begin to read a story from Abby's Childrens Bible. The last couple of months they have been working their way through the Bible. We are currently reading about Jesus and the Disciples. Some times I have to fill in, but my favorite time is when Rebecca reads to Abby. I get to watch the relationship develop between mother and daughter. I am looking forward to family reading time. I am not sure why, but when kids and parents read together there is a bond that grows between them. When Abby is old enough I look forward to reading through Chronicles of Narnia and things like that. When Abby will looks back at times like this, I pray that she realizes that God was molding her after her mom. To me there isn't a better person to modeled after.... (It is now to the point where Abby will stand with her hands on her hips just like her mom and this makes me smile)

I don't remember reading with my parents/or family and I think that I first decided to have a reading time with my family was when Rebecca and I went to Kazakhstan to visit a missionary family.

I saw this bond in action. The father of the household would have reading time every night with the children. I remember seeing the look of the children as their father would read stories of adventure and mystery. They were reading through the Chronicles of Narnia while we were there.
(I think maybe we will have reading time together instead of me just watching). Until then enjoy the photos.

Thanks for reading

~ Justin


Deanna @ oneagleswings May 1, 2009 at 1:59 PM  

First off, look at those girly PJ's. I love it!

Keith and I read to the boys every night. They prefer when I read, but Keith is there if he is home...snuggling and listening. It is a bonding, quiet time together.

Great pictures!